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ALL FOR BLUE: A day with Kalandrou Schools that radically changed our attitude towards the environme

The respect in the nature and the environment is the core of our values and vision. Being aware of what is

happening in modern environmental reality, but also aware of the impacts of climate change, we are trying in our own way to support ecosystem protection.

With the valuable help of All For Blue, a non-profit organization with international action to protect sharks

and sea, we came one step closer to the environmental reality by attending a training seminar, held at the

Kalandrou Schools, in September 27 th , 2019, and participating in a beach-cleanup, in Artemida.

Having attended a rich-in-information presentation on shark protection and coastal clearing, we proceeded to clean up a nearby beach, with the ultimate goal of educating 140 students, who represent the younger generation that would write a new page in our history. The result of the one-day action was more than unexpected and promising, as 9 super-full multipurpose bags were packed, filled with broken glass soft drink bottles, paper cups of coffee, plastic straws, empty water bottles, metal bottles, metal bottles and countless cigarette butts. The students deservedly earned the title of Hero of the Day, and we all realized the importance of respect in our own home, our planet.

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