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LifoPlus collection of 100% natural Loofah sponges, natural sea sponges and high-quality synthetic sponges is designed to gently meet the needs of everyday life of the modern consumer.

LifoPlus has a product range for the whole body which is ideal for daily use.


Clean Skin natural Olive Oil based cosmetics are suitable for skin cleansing, hydration, toning and firming.

Offering rich formulas, Clean Skin cosmetics are ideal for the demanding daily life of the modern consumer.

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The line of daily bath foams Body Touch provides light and refreshing care through a special relaxation experience.

Skin moisturization, elasticity maintenance and stimulation are the key characteristics offered by Body Touch bath foams.

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Mythos natural cosmetics are made of 100% Greek BIO Olive Oil of Koroneiki variety, from Koroni, and more than 30 aromatic plants, fruits, herbs and essential oils.

The active formulas of Mythos natural cosmetics are rich in oligopeptides and polyphenols that help hydrate, nourish and
pamper the skin offering a daily regeneration ritual.

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Mythos ALOE is a natural cosmetics brand with 100% Organic Aloe Vera & 100% Greek BIO Olive Oil.

It offers Hydration, Protection, Nutrition & Restructure through mild formulas.

Mythos ALOE cosmetics are ideal for everyday use.

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