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GREEK VOLUNTEER SUPPORT: Close to families, lonely and the homeless people

This year too, Flax supports the Greek Voluntary Support, providing free sets of personal care products, which will be available as gifts for the lottery that is organized, on the occasion of the Christmas & New Year holidays.

The proceeds of the lottery will be spent to support the actions of the Greek Voluntary Support which concerns the support of about 650 families and helpless people, both with food and with clothes, shoes, school supplies, etc., as well as the offer of free food to our humans who either live on the street or are unable to prepare their own food in their own homes.

More specifically, the Hellenic Voluntary Support with the assistance of the Hellenic Relief Foundation (HRF) based in New York, since 2012 takes care to meet the needs of humans living on the edge of poverty. For this purpose, the Greek community collects money with which it buys food that is distributed free of charge to families, lonely people, the needy and the elderly who are unable to even get their medicines every month.

Today about 900 families and lonely people, all over Greece, of which 650 in Attica, who are suffering from the economic crisis or unemployment, are supported monthly with food, clothes, shoes, personal hygiene items, toys and more. a.

The care for the children of these families is similar, providing new clothes and gifts at Christmas, Easter, as well as in the beginning of the school year when they are offered all the necessary things (bags, notebooks, etc.). Apart from families, the HRF & GREEK VOLUNTEER SUPPORT channel supports the elderly people who have been bedridden due to illness or children in institutions.

Flax remains socially aware and stands by the Greek Voluntary Support. The goal of ALL of us is to support the Greek family that is being tested by the difficult economic conditions, but also by the pandemic due to Covid-19 which often makes personal contact impossible.

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