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55 YEARS OF FLAX: The success story

ICAP: Golden Anniversaries 2021

This year, our company celebrates 55 years of operation and presence in the Greek and foreign market. It is our honor to be hosted in the ICAP magazine, "Golden Anniversaries 2021 - Important Anniversaries of Timeless Businesses".

Since the establishment of our company, our priority was to meet the daily needs of personal care of modern man, with eco-friendly & plant-based products.

All our brands have at their core the element of nature. The LifoPlus series of sponges, with a leading position in the market, in 1966 introduced to the Greek public the most natural and ecological way of personal care, the sponge from the Loofah Cylindrica plant. The rich and effective formulas of the cosmetic products CleanSkin, Mythos, Drops, BodyTouch, -suitable for face, hair & body, combine the unique biodiversity of Greek nature with the evolution of science.

Our company operates in most of the organized retail channels through its own sales network and local representatives. A large part of the turnover comes from the tourist market throughout Greece. Particular importance is given to the export activity, as it has a significant share of turnover and has a presence in demanding markets such as Great Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Japan, Korea, China, etc.

All our internal processes are certified by international systems and standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001. Also our company actively participates in collective and industry bodies such as BEA, EVEA, PSVAK, SEV, EEAA, EOAN, SEVIPET.

In 2008 our company invested in the construction of privately owned facilities in the industrial area of ​​Tripoli, in a building that utilizes photovoltaic panels on its roof to meet part of the needs of its operation.

The support for social partners and organizations -such as ALL FOR BLUE which works for the protection of the marine ecosystem of Greece- plays an important role for us.

All of the above is based on the strength of the collective effort of a well-organized and coordinated team that is the secret of success. The 55th anniversary is an important milestone that strengthens the vision for even higher goals.


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