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Flax cosmetics and personal care products do not only fulfil your desire for natural materials, but they are offering you the chance to explore Nature with us.

At Flax we only use natural raw materials in the majority of our cosmetics and personal care products. We consciously select packaging materials with low weight & volume. Flax is a member of the Hellenic Recycling Corporation “Green Dot” that supports the “Recycling Collective Alternative Management System”. During the past 10 years, Flax has "recycled" more than 140 tons of packaging. Every year we recycle more than 500,000 packages of Flax products.

Last year, in an attempt to avoid wastage of packaging materials, we managed to reduce the total volume of materials used by 6%. Respecting Flax principles, we only use recyclable packaging materials for all our products (plastic, paper, cardboard, glass & aluminum). Supporting environment, we constantly monitor all the developments in materials and the implementation of “green technologies”. At the same time, we have been certified with ISO 14001: 2015 - Environmental Management System, while creating the plan required to manage our responsibilities and obligations to the environment and relevant parties (legislation, customers, consumers, etc.).Additionally, Flax cosmetics and personal care products are not tested on animals.


Flax’ contemporary production line locate in the industrial area of Tripolis, is built with ecological mandates, respective to the use of water and energy. There is planning for the collection of rainwater for the basic needs of the plant, as well as an installation of photovoltaic panels for energy savings. Flax premises have established and applied an Internal Recycling System and a waste reduction program through the maximization and constant reorganization of the production process.


It's not about our origin.

At Flax we take great pride for our History, the philosophy of our ancient ancestors, our grandfathers’ passion for life (“meraki”) and the originality of the new generation. We love and support our country, by being active both in the local tourist and niche market. Many raw materials are supplied by Greek producers. We export Flax cosmetics and personal care products to more than 15 countries, promoting Greek ideals and values.

Every day, we try to positively influence our future!



It is a short but versatile word. Those who understand it, know that it begins with the concept of a product and follows it throughout its whole life. At Flax we are committed to produce competitive high quality cosmetics and personal care products that meet our consumer expectations. In order to follow the ever higher quality requirements, we have adapted Flax’ working procedures to a well-established and widely accepted quality management framework (ISO 9001: 2015, 14001:2015).

We love clean seas. Do you?

Flax supports All For Blue.

Did you know that the Non-Profit Organization, All For Blue, has removed 204 tons of rubbish from beaches and seabed in global operations, thus has conducted seminars for more than 55,000 students to protect the marine ecosystem?

Being aware of what is happening in the modern environmental reality, but also aware of the effects of climate change, Flax supports the action of All For Blue, in order to alert citizens about environmental issues and activate participation in actions for cleaning coastal areas.

We would be thrilled if we could urge you to follow Flax’ example in supporting such initiatives, any way you can.

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