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For purchases effected through the website, you may choose among the following available methods of payment:

Payment on delivery
You pay the exact amount corresponding to the items ordered and the delivery costs thereof to the representative of the Courier Service at the time of delivery. The pay-on-delivery service is charged with 3.50€.


Payment by Paypal
You will be transferred to the Paypal webpage in order to conclude your payment.


Payment by credit or debit card
Visa, MasterCard, Maestro cards are accepted.


All payments effected by card are carried out through the electronic payments platform "Stripe" and we use encryption TLS 1.2 with an encryption protocol 128-bit (SecureSocketsLayer - SSL).

According to the Law 4446/2016, article 69 par. 2 «The tax invoices for a total value equal or exceeding five hundred (500) Euros that are issued for the sale of goods or for the provision of services to individuals are paid by their recipients, purchasers of the goods or services, exclusively by card or other electronic means of payment, such as, indicatively but not by way of restriction, by bank transfer, by using a payment account, by use of electronic wallet. Payment of these invoices in cash is not permitted.» Therefore, orders over 500 Euros including taxes and
other charges must be paid in the aforementioned methods.

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