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There is no secret to success. At Flax we believe success is the result of preparation, hard team work and learning from failure.


Flax is founded in a small workshop located at Strefi Hill in the urban district of Exarchia, Athens. It launches the first collection of vegetable sponges based on the -innovative at the time- Egyptian plant, Loofah.


The initial distribution of Flax products is based on a network of pharmacies and houseware



Flax distribution line gradually expands to new and still developing networks of organised retail.
(supermarkets & department stores)


Our new innovative packaging (flow pack) for the Loofah vegetable sponge collection is a fact and Flax launches it, while simultaneously we introduce the LIFOSKIN brand.


Flax products stand out for their high quality with the awarding of the Gold medal in the International Fair of Poznan

noun_Award_1659855 copy.png


Flax’ export activity begins and is strengthened, by establishing the company in 5 new additional
markets (Cyprus, Israel, Italy, France, Germany), a choice that has determined since our history
and character of business.


New private label collaborations with Greek and foreign companies are created and lead Flax to production automation by improving infrastructure and machinery equipment, thus achieving the assurance of significant quality standards.


We create the new brand Lifoplus representing the renewed and more enriched collection of vegetable sponges. Flax is selected among others to represent the institution of EUROPARTENARIAT 97 of Athens.



Making our first attempts in the cosmetics market, Flax launches a collection of essential natural cosmetics based on the beneficial properties of Greek olive oil, under the brandname CleanSkin, which was the first "alternative and herbal proposal" in the organised retail network.



Flax invests in new equipment on its new industrial premises located in the Industrial Area of Tripolis, thus improving its overall operation. The entire facility utilizes the cutting-edge technology of green building and operating, such as photovoltaic panels and light tubes with significant reduction on the impact of its environmental footprint.

noun_eco friendly factory_2610065.png


Continuing vigorously in the tourism market channel we create and launch a new collection of natural cosmetics based on Greek olive oil. Mythos brand is a fact making Flax one of the first companies that created the new category of “Greek-olive-oil-based cosmetics” in this market.



Gradually, our formulations and our packages are improved so that our products meet the modern standards of "safety of use" and are "environment-friendly" obtaining the appropriate certifications as well. At the same time, we launch the Drops brand, with products for personal hygiene and care.


The Body Touch brand is Flax’ latest creation and involves a new line of personal care products, totally environment and consumer-friendly.

bodytouch bath-care logo.png


Today, having by our side people who share our passion, appreciate quality and try to evolve daily, we are taking the next step by re-launching the renewed Mythos 100% OLIVE line and aiming even higher, following Flax’ values and vision.

aloe logo.png


Flax celebrates its 50th anniversary, having gained considerable experience and knowledge to vigorously continue its journey, supporting a vision directed by endless creativity, enthusiasm and passion for quality and honest products.



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