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“Alcohol and Driving Don’t Fit Together” 13th European Night without Accidents, Panos Mylonas Instit

32 cities nationwide take action

37 nightlife venues participate

With the slogan “alcohol and driving do not fit together“, the Panos Mylonas Institute of Road Safety (IOAS) organized on Saturday, October 19, 2019, the 13th “European Night without Accidents” in 32 cities in Greece.

The action was carried out, as every year, at the same time as the great Pan-European event, aimed at informing and raising awareness of public and drivers, about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. More than 2,500 new drivers take part in the “European Night without Accidents” every year, an institution where citizens and companies across Greece join forces with IOAS, and take action to protect the lives of young people on the streets of the country.

Hundreds of IOAS volunteers were also this year present in totally 37 nightlife venues to inform them of the serious dangers of drinking and encourage young visitors to choose the ‘Party Driver’ that will safely drive them back home. The message of the night is: “Everyone is having fun, ONE DOES NOT DRINK … THE DRIVER!”, the hero of the evening, is rewarded with gifts if he keeps his promise and does not consume alcohol.

In Europe, 1 in 4 car-related deaths are due to driving under the influence of alcohol (ETSC). In our country, alcohol is one of the leading causes of fatal traffic accidents and serious injuries, with incidents increasing significantly after the weekend nightlife, especially at a young age. Our company, being aware of such issues and adhering to its principles, offered free gifts to the “Party Drivers” who kept their promise and did not drink alcohol during the night. The action was carried out with the assistance of the Hellenic Police and Traffic Police, and the support of numerous agencies, companies and associations throughout Greece.

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