«Alcohol and driving: do not mix them!»

«Alcohol and driving: do not mix them!»

14th European Night Without Car Accidents – 17th of October, 2020

Road Safety Institute «Panos Mylonas»

With the slogan "alcohol and driving do not match together", this year the Road Safety Institute «Panos Mylonas» successfully organized the 14th European Night Without Car Accidents, in 34 cities. Yes, you read that right! 34 cities nationwide, 41 nightclubs, 2.500 participants, 1.595 friendly breathalyzer tests and over 700 volunteers. The numbers are too big to overtake. The same goes for the work of Road Safety Institute «Panos Mylonas».

This year too, despite the unprecedented conditions due to COVID-19 (limited number of people to avoid synchronization) and having carefully observing all the necessary safety rules (masks-distances-antiseptics and disposable breathalyzer tests), more local authorities than ever united their forces and spread the message of the "Party’s driver" throughout Greece!

Don’t you know who the party’s driver is?

He is the one who, outside a nightclub, is willing to commit for the whole night not to consume alcohol in order, at the end of the night, to lead his company safely back home.

Quite obvious!

At the end of the night, the "Party’s driver" undergoes a "friendly breathalyzer" and, if he has kept his promise, is rewarded with a souvenir gift from the products offered by the sponsors, who for years support the action and the work of Road Safety Institute «Panos Mylonas».

"The Party’s driver…. is probably drank! "

The results of the night were not so encouraging.

Of 2,206 people who pledged to take part in the action, 72% came back for a friendly breathalyzer test. On the positive side, 86.8% of them were found to be below the permitted alcohol limit.

The cities with the BEST percentages were: Andros, Corfu, Komotini, Tripoli, where 100% of those tested were below the limit, and Arta, Kalamata and Volos, where 97-98% of those tested were below the limit. The cities with the WORST percentages (participants who agreed to commit as party’s drivers but were above the limit) were: Katerini, Athens and Florina.

Everything is possible if you have people by your side who support you.

In total, during this year's "14th European Night Without Car Accidents", more than 15,000 souvenir gifts were offered to Road Safety Institute «Panos Mylonas» which were distributed to volunteers and participants.

Flax, for 2nd time, supported the 14th European Night Without Car Accidents, by donating its products with the ultimate goal of informing and raising awareness, especially of young people, regarding the correct and mature road behavior

Stay safe.

Stay alive.

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