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More than just a brand: A story of commitments

In 1966, a simple concept about natural products gave birth to our company, Flax.

Our constant focus on safe physical efficacy and aesthetic excellence, the love for what we do, the faith in our vision and in our team created LifoPlus, a natural sponges line, which is at the top of hygiene and personal care for more than 50 years.

All LifoPlus sponges are designed with high quality standards in order to offer a pleasant and effective daily care during bath time, covering all the needs of the body (or even face, back, legs, elbows) of modern consumer.

Remaining loyal to our philosophy LifoPlus products maintain consistently high quality and use100% natural organic vegan & biodegradable materials that stand out in the majority of our products.

It’s simple. Great materials make great products.


Due to the irregular surface of the plant Loofah, these LifoPlus sponges are ideal for removing dead skin cells, provide deep cleansing and natural exfoliation, enhance microcirculation, while rejuvenating the skin and fighting cellulite. They do not favor the growth of microorganisms, due to their ability to dry quickly.


Cotton has a very good absorbent capacity, great resistance to damage, friction and tear. LifoPlus cotton sponges are extremely soft in touch and skin-friendly. 



Baboo microfibers offer important properties, such as maintaining the proper level of moisture in the skin and protecting it from harmful environmental influences, since they do not release synthetic fibers that contaminate water and soil.



Natural sea sponge comes from the Mediterranean seas, is absorbent, has a longer shelf life, does not stain, does not smell and its soft texture helps in effective and non-irritating cleansing. Ideal for sensitive skins or for babies.


Natural bristles smoothly and effectively exfoliate the skin by removing dead cells, while stimulating blood circulation. They effectively treat the skin and tighten it, improving its texture and tone. They dry easily, without favoring the growth of microorganisms.


Synthetic mesh LifoPlus sponges gently cleanse and tone the skin. They create rich foam, because the soap cleanser is able to penetrate all theiir mass. They drie easily, without favoring the growth of microorganisms. They are durable and extremely soft, ideal for sensitive skin.

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New season, New Lifoplus

Replace your sponge regularly (suggested duration of use: 3 months).

Sponges, toothbrushes and razors are products that favor bacterial growth and affect personal hygiene, due to frequent use in wet environment . Rinse off after use, leaving the sponge in a ventilated area.

Do not store in a damp environment.

Tips for a greener planet:

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Do not waste water

While bathing, washing your hair, hands or teeth, turn off the tap. Make sure there are no leaks in your bathroom sanitary ware. Huge amounts of water are lost due to dripping fountains. Reducing the water you waste is now easier.


Recycle, not only in the kitchen

Look for the characteristic triangle in all our packages. The packaging marked with the triangle is recyclable, so make sure you dispose it in the right bins. The number in the center of the triangle indicates the degree of recyclability and the type of material.

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Biodegradation on your balcony

Do not hesitate to prefer products with biodegradable raw materials. Follow the procedure for separating biodegradable & non-biodegradable materials, and don't be afraid to try it in a pot. In a few months, you will be proud of the result.