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Originating from the Greek history

The main vehicle for the inspiration of Mythos series was the ancient Greek «amphoreas». A ceramic extra large vase, with an oval body and a vertical grip on both sides, decorated with scenes of the daily life, which was used for transporting  mainly liquids, like wine and olive oil, in ancient times.

Its "broken" pieces (fragments), which have survived over the years, represent the different product categories of Mythos’ entire product range.

Each of these pieces is special, worked with care and is an integral part of all of Mythos' entity.


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The power of inspiration


According to its ancient Greek meaning, the word "Mythos" is a legendary story delivered by word of mouth, thus conveying the age-old Greek culture system of thought and values. To date, myths are a source of inspiration and creation not only for the Greek people, but for the whole Western world.

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The Olive Tree,

Agelong & Evergreen 


From the myths of King Cecrops and the goddess Athena, to the Olympic wreaths, the olive tree, as the protagonist in a history of thousands of years, still offers the well-known and precious excellent Greek olive oil. "Liquid gold", according to Homer, oil is a key ingredient in a healthy diet, while it can be used as a cleanser and a cosmetic, plain or mixed with herbs.

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Natural source of

vitamins & antioxidants


The “great therapeutic”, as Hippocrates defined, olive oil is proven to be highly beneficial for health and at the same time is considered one of the most efficient ingredients used by modern cosmetology. Its high content of vitamins (A, D, K and E), phenols and carotenoids contributes to the formation of collagen and elastin, protects the skin from oxidation and keeps it radiant. Olive oil also provides trace elements and amino acids, essential for skin metabolism.

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The Greek grove

The vast olive grove of Koroni (36° 79’ N 21° 95’E) stretches over the northwest end of the Peloponnese, an area with a tradition of many centuries in the cultivation of olive trees, which provides Mythos cosmetics with a worldwide famous supreme quality olive oil, the so-called “Koroneiki” variety.

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Mythos 100% Bio Olive

Mythos natural cosmetics series combines the 100% certified BIO Olive Oil, the traditional natural ingredient with the indisputable beneficial effect, with over 50 aromatic plants and herbs of the Greek Nature, forming antioxidant and moisturizing natural formulas, suitable for body and its special requirements,rich in oligopeptides and polyphenols.

Mythos cosmetics are a bridge between two worlds; that of ancient experience and that of scientific research. They are also our company's vision for effective cosmetics, which enhance skin health, youthfulness and radiance.


(36° 79’ N 21° 95’E)