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LIFOPLUS HOME 100% BIO Kitchen Loofah Sponge CLASSIC (for all utensils)

100% bio Kitchen Loofah Sponge - Classic

SKU: 710005
  • CLASSIC - For all utensils.
    100% natural, bio*, vegan & biodegradable Egyptian loofah kitchen sponge.

    - Cleans effectively and removes stubborn stains.
    - Lasts 2 times longer in daily use, based on lab trials.
    - Does not scratch and protects cooking and non-stick utensils, based on lab trials.
    - It is the only kitchen spobge with a special hanging cord for easy drying.
    - Rrinses easily with less water (save water). 
    - It dries quickly without favoring the growth of microorganisms (hygiene wise).
    - Withstands heavy detergents.
    - Ideal for cleaning fresh produce.
    - Protects nails and manicure. 
    - Does not fray after intense use. 
    - In an ergonomic shape to be properly held by the hand and to facilitate washing.
    - It does not contain microplastics, its Materials are natural (cellulose loofah & cotton).
    - Completely biodegradable.

    *100% certified organic loofah cultivation


Together, we can make the world a better place! 

With every order you make, we donate 5% to All For Blue organisation.

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