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of Flax Natural Products

Naturally inspired Skin, Body & Hair Care

Flax aims to meet the needs of modern consumers by creating high quality, honest, smart cosmetics and personal care products using excellent raw materials through environment-friendly production processes, in order to offer a unique skin care experience.

Corporate Philosophy

The establishment of Flax was an initiative of grandpa, Vasilis Vavvas and his associates in order to hold business in the field of personal care. Stimulation of consumers, expansion of horizons, product evolution, team-work and extroversion were, and still are, the main core of Flax' philosophy.

WINTER: The beauty routine for healthy & glowing skin

We love winter for fluffy blankets and cozy clothes, but not for the dull skin or chapped lips. Humidity, cold temperatures and indoor heating have the effect of stripping the skin of moisture, leaving it dull.

By following the following 3 steps, you avoid the effects of winter on your skin, once and for all.

#1 CLEANSING: Make sure your facial cleanser doesn't dry out the skin. Prefer products with chamomile for gentle cleansing. Use warm (not hot) water when washing your

#2 SERUM: Use the lightest product first, like a serum. This will allow the skin to absorb the product and ensure that there are no other products blocking its penetration.

#3 MOISTURIZING FACE CREAM: After serum, don't forget your moisturizer.

Moisturizers have a thicker formula to create a natural barrier that locks in moisture and prevents skin from drying out.


Our Story

Flax stands in personal and hygiene care for more than half a century. Our success story is humble, with simple ingredients, full of inspiration and creativity.


Our Vision

“What ultimately makes sense in life is the uphill. Only this way you become better, overcome your fears and can finally

stand on your own feet”.

- Tassos Vavvas, Flax Owner & CEO


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Happening now. Life from different perspective. Social, art, alternative events of everyday life through the eyes of Flax’ team.

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